FindLodge Ambassador

Findlodge Ambassador Package

Do you know that you can become a Findlodge ambassador and earn listing lodges that you know?
Findlodge is a housing(lodge) assistance service that provides a platform where students can, FIND, BOOK and PAY for lodges without travelling or falling into the hands of wrong dealers. To become a Findlodge Ambassador.

You have to register with findlodge. After your registration, you will get your swags(polo, ID card and other documentations: T&C applied). Click here to register
Meet the landlords, and from your account on findlodge site, you will Add the lodges to our site. On every successful lodge you add, findlodge rewards you. Afterwards for each successful lodge bought by any student you get #1000 + additional bonus from findlodge.

Before all these, findlodge will conduct a special training for you that will cover everything you should know, upon your registration. Progressively.
Findlodge will always give special reward packs to top Ambassadors of Findlodge

Registration fee is FREE!
If you're interested join here for further guide from Findlodge management: Join here